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Had the technical skills and resources to get this job done quickly and properly - and on our shoestring budget. Understood this monumental task and tackled it successfully. Great commmunication. Highly recommended.

Maggie Strevell
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My Web Development service includes the following
- Professionsal Website Design
- DIY Content Updates and Flexibility
- Free hosting and domain for one year
- Contact form with email notification
- Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
- Submissions to search engines
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** Visitor Interaction **
Mailing Lists, Subscription, and Newsletters
Live Chat
Social Networking
Guest Book
Visitor membership / User accounts (login + access to private data)
** Visibility **
Logo and brand development
Print & marketing collateral design
Professional writing & blogging assistance
** Content Management **
Photo Galleries
Editable Restaurant Menu + Online Ordering
Digital Downloads
Calendar and Event Management (teacher management, online registration)
Store with shopping cart (includes basic paypal payments)
** Revenue Generation **
Pay-per-click and pay-per-view advertisement
Payment Processing
Affiliate Program
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Web Hosting
Content (site text, images, etc)
Technical Requirements
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